The ASQ Recertification Process

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ASQ has moved to a Computer Based Testing for certification and recertification.
Information may be found here.  CBT Information, Online RecertificationASQ Recertification Application 2017

To maintain the integrity of your certification, ASQ requires that you recertify every three years - either by journal or by exam. If you do not recertify, your certification will lapse and ASQ will no longer recognize you as "certified".

Recertification by RU credits is a simple process of obtaining a minimum of 18.0 recertification units (RUs) within your three year certification period. You may accumulate the 18.0 RU credits from professional activities that either increase your knowledge of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) or that are job enhancing. The credit structure is outlined in each recertification journal. All activities may be started before you initially obtain your ASQ certification, but must be completed within your three year recertification period to qualify. Refresher courses, for initial certification exams, MAY NOT be counted toward that recertification period, but may be applied toward another recertification if it lies within that certification BOK or is job enhancing. 

To recertify by RU credits, you may submit your recertification journal packet up to six months before or after your certification(s) expiration date. The Recertification Journal Application page outlines the fees for individual and multiple recertifications, the varying rates for members and nonmembers, plus several forms of acceptable payment. Applicants MUST include current contact information so that any questions can be resolved quickly. E-mail is preferred.   Please remember to sign and date your Journal page.

You may also choose to recertify by exam every three years in lieu of recertifying by RU credits. Recertifying by exam can be done up to one year before or after your certification expiration date. However, your renewal date will always be calculated from your expiration date. 


ASQ requires the following objective evidence for each RU credit category when submitting a recertification journal application. Please review your journal for additional details.

A. Professional Development: conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars or forums sponsored by a company or technical society/organization.

  • Proof of attendance (proof of registration is not adequate): name badge, attendance roster, sign-in sheet, certificate of completion, or travel voucher PLUS: 

  • Activity description: program guide, outline, description, or schedule verifying dates or number of hours.

B. Employment:

  • A letter from each employer, on company letterhead and authored by either your direct supervisor or the personnel department, that verifies your job title, duties, dates of employment, and classification (full-time or part-time). 

  • A client listing and/or letters from clients (for self employed applicants only).

C. Courses - Instructor Credit

  • A letter from the college, company, or organization verifying the course, title, dates, and hours instructed OR 

  • Course outline or description that documents the instructor's name, course title, and dates.

D. Courses - Student Credit

  • College course: Copy of official transcript or report card showing semester credit earned, course title, and completion date. 

  • Non-College course: Letter or certificate of completion from the course sponsor verifying hours, dates, and subject matter. 

  • ASQ sponsored course: Certificate of completion or letter from the sponsor showing dates, hours, title, and assigned CEU or credit value. 

  • Home-study course: Certificate of completion showing assigned CEU or credit value.

E. Meetings

  • Proof of attendance: Roster, statement from a section officer, monthly meeting notice signed by a section officer, monthly meeting ticket, or receipts.

F. Committees - ASQ and other professional associations contributing to the advancement of the quality profession. Work related committees in your place of employment DO NOT qualify - this is part of employment credit. 

  • A letter from the appropriate chair stating the committee's mission, frequency of meetings, your duties, and term of service on section/division/forum letterhead. NO OTHER DOCUMENTATION WILL BE ACCEPTED.

G. Certification: Given for obtaining additional certifications, as well as certification from other professional societies. RU credit applies to initial certification, NOT recertification. In other words, if no new certifications have been obtained during your recertification period, no certification points may be claimed.

  • A copy of the certificate showing the original certification date.

H. Exam Proctoring

  • Copy of letter from ASQ Certification Offerings for chief proctor/asst. proctor.

  • Copy of letter from local section leadership for registration assistant.

I. Electronic Media

  • A letter on company letterhead signed by your supervisor or personnel department attesting to the date(s) you viewed/listened to the media source, its title and length of time, OR a copy of the media source with the above-listed information. 

J. Publishing

  • Media review: Copy of the published review and publication table of contents. 

  • Magazines: Copy of both the article and the table of contents so we may identify the specific issues of the magazine, the title of the article, and the author/co-author. 

  • Books: Copy of the title page showing the title and author/co-author PLUS a copy of the table of contents; book editor should submit a letter from the author, co-author, or publisher indicating the work edited and a copy of the table of contents. 

  • Presented paper: Copy of entire program guide.

Please contact Joe Malachowski for recertification information.  

 Please submit your Recertification Journal Packets to:

NN, Inc.
1 Catamore Blvd.
 East Providence, RI 02914
 ATTN: Joe Malachowski

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