Rhode Island Section 0107 of the American Society for Quality

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To achieve World Class Leadership in customer satisfaction, we will continually strive to create, promote and stimulate interest in quality technology and information. Our organization will foster continuous improvement, mutual respect and individual growth of all members and economic viability of the RIASQ section.

Our mission this year is unaltered. We are working to become the area leader in the field of quality. We want to be the resource all organizations, their leaders and employees, seek out for information that will help them to be more productive, competitive and valuable within and for their companies and communities.

We need your help to accomplish our mission. Your participation is vital. We want to see you at our dinner meetings and in our courses. We need your feedback so we can provide the services you want and need. And we need you to spread the word.

So, talk about us. Invite friends and colleagues to attend a dinner meeting with you. Post our course schedule up in your workplace and promote our seminars to those that might be interested.

Our section can grow and be a strong and viable force in our community. But it needs you, your participation and commitment.

Please join us!