Rhode Island Section 0107 of the American Society for Quality

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Hi Folks,

Some additional information about ASQ’s latest transformation initiative is now available. See ASQ Transformation Highlights April 2018. Please understand that the whole effort remains a work in progress. While the physical aspects of Section operations – the look and feel for members - will remain essentially unchanged, the headquarters structure supporting the leadership team will change significantly. Perhaps more importantly, the way Sections are financed will change dramatically. Rather than being fairly autonomous with lots of financial reporting to headquarters associated with our not for profit status (i.e. risk mitigation), the Region’s funds will be centralized and reporting essentially eliminated. How that will happen and how the Sections can access those funds (i.e. speed, flexibility, amounts) have created the most tension. Those mechanics have not been finalized or communicated. When that happens we’ll share them with you.

Nationally, many Member Leaders have expressed frustration over the methods used by the Board, predominantly the absence of evidence justifying the need for change and the rollout. For members choosing to remain affiliated with ASQ there presently are two action paths: 1. Wait and see 2. Petition the Board for a recall election. See the Taking Action on Transformation piece if you’re so inclined, but Option 2 will not force any immediate course change. I’m aboard for Option 1. Not only is the ink not yet dry, the story is not even finished. ASQ also has been too significant to my professional and personal financial growth to throw in the towel now. Feedback to ASQ on the subject is still available by sending email to transformation@asq.org; asqjconner@gmail.com; and chair@riasq.org. Enjoy Your Summer (looks like we skipped over Spring), Best Regards, Ken Hayes Chair - Section 0107

View the highlights and taking action info.

Financial Information 8/17/18